Stepping into your boss’ shoes

We spend more than 2 decades getting the best education we can and whether all of us accept or not, we want to earn

money (ignore this if you have attained the ultimate I-am-beyond-the-mundane liberation). We use all our energy, resources, connections and of course the education to get the best job (sometimes just any job). We sit in our new cubicle/cabin, make new friends over tea chit-chat, WhatsApp funny memes of our bosses, and yes, we work.  

Most of us start our day stuck in traffic or standing in the metro so full it literally cries for air. We are disciplined employees and reach office right at 9:00 AM. We have to earn those luring incentives so we work extra time too.  

We employees are like teenagers who want to “live our lives”.

We will be lazy at times, will push ourselves beyond limits, are ambitious, hardworking and also want our organization (guardian) to look after us. 

The organization takes care of us financially(salaries right on time), emotionally (no extra work load please), takes care of our health (regular medical checkups and don’t forget the sick leaves), leisure (team lunches, outings) and even helps shaping our character (did you forget all those motivational speeches and guidance?). The organization knows its greatest asset is its people and will always take an extra effort to keep its employees happy and motivated.  

What makes an organization live is its PEOPLE.

So, the next time our boss gets cranky, why not take a share of blame (although, it might just be the burnt breakfast toast). 

When we cry our lungs out for our RIGHTS, why not share the RESONSIBILITY for the organization’s falling revenues. 

Why not?